Reeve Benaron: Intrivo introduces new rapid Covid-19 antigen test

Intrivo, a leading provider of rapid diagnostic tests, has announced the introduction of a new product – On/Go One. This test is an antigen-based rapid diagnostic assay that detects all major variants of Covid-19 (including Omicron) in one run. Reeve Benaron explains that On/Go One can be used on whole blood, serum, or plasma, offering lower costs as it requires fewer sample volumes to generate results. 


This new test has been developed in collaboration with leading global medical centers. It is different from many other available tests because it focuses on whole genome sequencing of the target pathogen. So, as Reeve Benaron recalls, if you want to know exactly what’s going on with your loved ones without additional procedures or testing, this is a surefire option. 


“This new test provides a quick, accurate and affordable solution for the current market by providing a fast and effective tool for peace of mind. The recent demand for this test is proof that individuals are seeking methods to diagnose their loved ones at home or on the move. This is exactly what we want to offer with our new product,” said Reeve Benaron, Founder and Co-CEO of Intrivo.


The Covid-19 test is one of the first tests that utilize next-generation sequencing to detect the virus, Reeve Benaron adds. One is matched with the On/Go One, and through the included mobile application, the user is provided with immediate results with either past or present data. Additionally, all results can be easily uploaded to online medical records at healthcare facilities. Reeve Benaron is the Co-CEO of Intrivo. 

He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for start-ups and innovation. Intrivo’s mission is to help all Americans everywhere live happier, healthier, and safer lives by helping detect and control current and future variants of infectious diseases. Intrivo provides clinically validated, rapid diagnostic tests using the most advanced technologies that help healthcare organizations and consumers make informed decisions on what, when, and how they get tested. Reeve Benaron is also a donor of Children First, a child-focused organization.