RIOC Services to Humanity

Altheria Jackson has ensured her name is in the good book of the island residents by ensuring all operations are scheduled, conducted, and completed promptly.

Jackson has been in charge of ROC’s operations for the past three years and has always shown care for the residents. She is a chaser of dreams who encourages team members to excel and gives back to her community by volunteering in church activities.

This New York State corporation was created to manage the island sustainably, efficiently, and cost-effectively. To do so, they have taken measures to improve the quality of life on the island and protect its natural beauty. The corporation aims to ensure that every resident has a safe living environment with access to recreational facilities, health services, and social programs.

Altheria Jackson is often called upon for advice on making Roosevelt Island a greener and more sustainable environment by spurring economic development by focusing on local business growth, cultural enrichment, and sustainability.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is proud of its employees who have done a great job helping the island community. Residents also feel secure knowing that their homes are better protected from flooding and fire. The public transportation system is also an integral part of RIOC’s mission. They are proud to have helped residents enjoy the convenience and comfort of better transportation.

As a result, more can be done on the island, such as an increase in tourism, shopping centers, and new amenities for residents and visitors like playgrounds, gardens, and recreation facilities.

The residents have also benefited from the corporation’s efforts to provide a less stressful and inclusive environment. This is partly done by supporting small businesses, artists, and local service agencies through grants and entrepreneurship workshops.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation also partnered with government agencies to ensure everyone benefits from their services, including tenants, seniors, community members, and visitors. RIOC has not only made sure that all of its buildings are safe, but they have also worked hard to make sure they are sustainable by increasing energy efficiency while maintaining a high quality of living on the island.