RIOC Transforming Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is a state-owned benefit corporation that owns and manages Roosevelt Island, an island in the East River, along with several other properties. Altheria Jackson’s responsibilities are notable. Her responsibilities include assisting in operations management, overseeing property security teams, and monitoring compliance with laws and regulations. Altheria Jackson was an invaluable resource to the company, and she played a critical role in helping the company build relationships with its neighboring communities.

RIOC was established in 1984 by New York State, although it had a very small beginning in its initial years. The current president and chief executive officer of RIOC, Shelton J. Haynes, has led the corporation as it continues to grow and create positive changes to the island’s future. RIOC has been able to help develop Roosevelt Island buildings and make them eligible for cultural preservation. Another area that Haynes is passionate about is multiculturalism and specifies diversity on Roosevelt Island, and he believes strongly in promoting this by including businesses owned by women, people of color, and individuals with disabilities.

Altheria Jackson, as an operations assistant, has been instrumental in the company’s success. She ensures that the company remains compliant and continues to improve. Altheria oversees everything from property management to maintaining the buildings themselves.

RIOC has been able to help develop Roosevelt Island buildings and make them eligible for cultural preservation. Altheria Jackson has worked hard with the RIOC leadership team to ensure that the public knows what RIOC offers.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation offers two primary services. These are asset management and development program administration. The former serves in the day-to-day operations of the buildings on Roosevelt Island, such as security, operations, and maintenance. Development program administration is an overall responsibility that involves overseeing all aspects of the development process for each building on the island.

RIOC has also successfully developed high-rise buildings and mixed-use developments for its neighboring community. They have also played a part in philanthropies, where they’ve helped give back to the community without expecting anything in return. RIOC has also helped develop and bring affordable housing to the island and has become more involved with local and state planning issues.