Robert L. McKenna III

Hybrid Work Arrangement

The pandemic led to changes in the workplace environment in organizations.

Courtesy of its effects, employees were forced to work remotely from home.

However, as the pandemic began to subside, companies adopted either a remote or hybrid work arrangement.

For hybrid arrangements, there was in-personal and remote work where employees went to the office for a few days of the week and worked from home the other days.

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Robert McKenna III explains how a hybrid arrangement in an office can successfully be utilized.

Mckenna is a professional in various management fields with certification from different learning institutions.

According to Mckenna, people continued to be productive while working at home after the pandemic reduction.

This is because they optimally utilized their time and efforts.

Besides, operational costs were reduced in the hybrid arrangement and the employees’ work-life balance.

Hybrid work is claimed to assume the advantages of both remote and in-office work.

For instance, there is much flexibility on the part of the employees.

However, the hybrid makes scheduling meetings difficult, especially for individuals far from the workplace.

There is also reduced collaboration and employee loyalty.

The success of Robert McKenna’s integration of a hybrid work arrangement is pegged on various elements.

Among them are inventory processes where only a few employees can come to the office to perform their tasks on specific days of the week.

Secondly, there is the provision of necessary supplies.

The organization must offer all necessary equipment and supplies, such as laptops and stable internet connections.

Thirdly, employees must be taught how to create a productive workspace at home.

This area permits you to concentrate and focus all your energy on work.

The workspace should be quiet and clean.

Lastly, the management should encourage employees to maintain healthy boundaries such as having a good sleep, having time to interact with others, and eating well.