Ron Gutman´s Overview



Ron Gutman is a man who has a lot to offer in the world. He leads Intrivo, founded to improve health and well-being across the globe. Ron joined forces with numerous organizations and institutions to develop the foundation’s programs, including leveraging the impact of tech to help physicians connect more effectively.


This, with patients and their care teams. His company is a pioneering force in the health industry, and he has shown compassion by establishing the steps he has taken to ensure they deliver as planned. Besides, Ron Gutman is regarded as an educator through his various books.




Despite his many achievements, healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman’s not just satisfied with his accomplishments. The CEO of Intrivo knows that it takes big efforts from him and other individuals to help make an impact on society and this passion fuels his desire for success every day. He has supported various companies, charities, and organizations to help others and works hard to inspire others to do the same. During COVID 19, Ron donated up to a million dollars worth of testing facilities for Ukraine. 


Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit

Ron Gutman graduated from Stanford University, where he led various departments to achieve their mission. Within a decade, Ron has established various healthcare companies, FestHealth, Live Long & Flourish (LL&F) Club, HealthApp, and Wellsphere. His career journey is full of achievements and a testament to what it takes to be successful. Ron wants everyone to live a healthy life, and he’s willing to do anything to help that happen.