Ross Levinsohn: A Digital Media Innovator

Ross LevinsohnWith experience in several high-profile leadership roles at HBO, Tribune, Fox, and CBS Sportsline, Ross Levinsohn has become one the most sought-after CEO in the digital industry. Levinsohn is the current Sports Illustrated CEO and Arena Group. He has dedicated his career to advancing innovation in media, finance, and technology.

Levinsohn’s passion attracted the attention of Maven, a company that provides backend digital and monetization support. He was hired by Maven in 2019 to oversee media brands TheStreet and Sports Illustrated.

About Sports Illustrated CEO

Sports Illustrated is a well-known American sports magazine with an electronic presence and a revenue stream. It was the first magazine publication, with over a million copies in circulation. The brand has tremendous potential, but Maven thought it needed a visionary to enhance its literary credentials, which prompted the CEO’s replacement.

Levinsohn’s first suggestion was to rebrand Maven under the Arena Group brand and focus on category-specific content instead of myriad topics. During the next 18 months, Levinsohn’s approach helped the company grow and thrive. Arena Group is now poised to join the Russell 2000, 3000, and Index Microcap Index, which are benchmarks that represent exceptional growth in the media industry.

Ross Levinsohn Approach

Currently, Levinsohn is the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Arena Group (formerly Maven). Levinsohn is also a consultant and strategic adviser who work with more than 30 companies at varying stages of their development.

Levinsohn works closely with media companies to boost viewership and align staff content. Whether a company is large or small, Levinsohn knows to adjust a company’s operations to meet customer needs and expectations.


For 30 years, Levinsohn has been working at the convergence of finance, technology, and media. He served as a provisional CEO of Yahoo after leading one of the largest Internet consumer businesses, as Head of Global Media and the Americas division. Previously, he headed Fox Interactive Media, News Corporation’s digital division.

Levinsohn has a solid foundation of education, expertise, and experience.

In 2014, he advised companies on finances and growth strategies that led to partnerships called Whisper Advisors. Additionally, he has served in the following capacities:

-Served as a member of the board at Tribune

-CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media,

-Served as a trustee at American University.

-Senior Advisor at BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

-Regular contributor to CNBC


Ross Levinsohn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from American University in Washington D.C.