Ross Levinsohn: A Winning Attitude and the Resume To Match

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn, who was recently hired as the CEO of Maven, has been setting standards in the media industry for years. His leadership qualities and sound decision-making abilities have set him apart as one of the leading executives in the field. If he continues working in his typical fashion, we can expect him to find more success in his current position.

The Lowdown On Ross Levinsohn

To understand the success Levinsohn has enjoyed in his career, it’s important to grasp his mindset. By reviewing what the executive has said in interviews, we can learn more about the reasons for his remarkable success.

Forward-Thinking Attitude

Complacency is never an option for someone leading a high-profile brand. This is something Ross Levinsohn has understood throughout his career. Everywhere he’s worked, he’s brought a desire to change operations for the better.

Willingness To Learn From The Past

While Levinsohn seeks to make significant improvements, he is also careful not to abandon effective strategies that have worked in the past. His aim is to keep what works and improve what doesn’t.

Where His Attitude Has Taken Him

Levinsohn’s winning strategy has taken him to towering heights. His career is defined by high-profile jobs and important positions.

Major Roles With Massive Companies

From CBS Sportsline to Fox’s internet operations, Levinsohn has led some massively influential brands. He’s brought his trademark enthusiasm to every job, including stints in charge of Yahoo and the Los Angeles Times.

Significant Investor In Digital Media

In addition to serving as an executive, Levinsohn has invested in dozens of media-related ventures. These investments show his high level of involvement in the field.

Trusted Advisor And TV Contributor

Levinsohn has served as high-level advisor for several major firms. He’s also appeared as a guest expert on CNBC.

What The Future Holds

At Maven, Ross Levinsohn has a chance to continue his successful run in the media industry. His attitude and track record suggest he’ll have no problem getting the job done.