Sam Jejurikar M.D. and the Skills of a Plastic Surgeon

Sam Jejurikar M.D. is a renowned plastic surgeon and a popularly known Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute member. He has excellent skills with vast experience and training in plastic surgery to serve patients to meet their expectations. Sam Jejurikar focuses on delivering the best to his patients with the trending most inventive tactics to meet their aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery requirements.

One of the primary services offered at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery entails approaches aiming to enhance the typical appearance of an individual through surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Surgeons at the Institute can conduct cosmetic surgery techniques of the breast, body, and face.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery offered by Sam Jejurikar

Breast Implant

A large number of people are interested in breast reconstruction. There are several procedures to approach the breast implant to alter its appearance. One of the procedures is fat grafting or silicone breast implants to increase the size of the breasts.

Buttock Lift

The practice consists in enhancing the buttocks with the help of silicone implants to lift and tighten the buttocks by removing excess skin.


It’s almost every person’s dream to have a flat tummy. Liposuction helps achieve this by removing extra fat from the stomach and waist area.


This is a procedure that specializes in a facelift and one that Sam Jejurikar excels in. It helps achieve facial rejuvenation by lifting and tightening the facial muscle and skin to make you look younger.