Stephen Bittel and Corner Property of 300 Miracle Mile Street

Stephen Bittel has been a force to reckon with in the real estate industry, especially South Florida. Since the inception of his company, Terranova, Stephen Bittel has aimed to ensure that he achieves a breakthrough in the commercial real estate business. To date, Terranova Company is tasked to be an agent of some of the biggest companies in the region. The company manages over $5 billion worth of assets for its companies. Besides being an operator, it also owns some of the most extensive commercial real estate properties.

One of Terranova’s projects has been to expand in the 300 Miracle Mile area. At the moment, the company has 12 properties on the retail street. For years, the company had targeted the purchase of the corner property located at 300 Miracle Mile. Previously, the property was servings California Pizza Kitchen. The 5950 square foot property had been in the Mildred Weissel Trust family for over 70 years. Therefore, getting the trust to sell Terranova the property was no small thing. Terranova Company had to part with $6 million when purchasing the corner property. However, they had to turn to Apollo for $3 million to achieve the $6 million mark target. Closing the deal in June was one of the achievements the company had made.

Stephen Bittel was not one to give up whenever faced with a challenge. Bittel patiently waited for 15 years before acquiring the property, which showed his persistence as a leader. Before venturing into the real estate world, Stephen Bittel had initially pursued a law degree at the University of Miami. Before that, he had graduated magna cum laude from Bodwin College. His education did not reveal at any point that he was interested in real estate. However, his passion for real estate made him choose a different path from what he had studied.

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