The Academy of Arts Offers Great Dorm Living

The Academy of Art University offers a fantastic arts education in 36 different undergraduate degrees packed into 20 different majors, offering everything from Advertising and Architecture to Fashion, Graphic Design, and Computer Game Development.

The academics of the Academy of Art University are without question, but for many students, the choice of where to live in San Francisco, as the city has one of the highest rental rates in the nation, with a one bedroom apartment going for around $2,800 per month.

But unless you happen to have parents living locally, the choice of where to live is of vital concern for students, and overwhelmingly, many students at the Academy of Art University choose to live in the dorms.

The Academy has 10 major residence halls, most named for major artits, and although the dorms are spread out throughout San Franciscio, the Academy provides a convenient shuttle system, so there is no need to buy a car.

One of the great benefits of living in one of the dorms is that you have a ready-built collaborative environment.

Want to be the next Francis Ford Copala and create your own film noir masterpiece?

Trust us, you will have no problems finding extras in the dorm to help.

When you live “off-campus,” amazingly students discover that it it so quiet they can hear crickets chirping.

When you live in the dorms you are at the height of the action, and with everyone having a common goal to make it in the arts, there is plenty of collaboration.

In addition, there is great food and very reasonable prices, access to the campus Labs, and Libraries without a commute, campus security, which is a huge asset in a wild city like San Francisco, and resident assistants and resident directors to help you along your journey as many students have never even don a lick of laundry and need help avoiding all of their outfits turning pink in the first wash.

There are many reasons to enjoy the dorm life at the Academy of Arts University. So think about it carefully before you sign a lease for an overly expensive apartment. Get more information HERE: