The Career of Juan Monteverde

Juan might be at the top of his field now but it was not an easy road to get to that role so how did he manage to pull it off? Well, he was born & raised in the LA area & was one of the best students in his class from a young age. That’s what led to him doing well in a lot of his classes. When he was done with his high school career, he had a lot of the best colleges in the nation vying for his enrollment but, in the end, he opted to stay a bit closer to home. So he enrolled in CSU Northridge in the fall of 2000 & was not sure what he wanted to do with his career. But this all changed when he went to a business class & fell in love with the subject. So he opted to major in it & was able to graduate in just two years. From there, he went to St. Thomas university so he could pursue his JD & he graduated summa cum laude. With his academics in the rearview mirror, he went on to work for a number of law firms before starting his own. He is now the founding partner of Monteverde & associates, a class action firm designed to protect consumers from any of the corporations who may be trying to pull one over on them. He now resides in the greater NYC area with his wife and kids.

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