The Reopening of Seaworld

The covid-19 pandemic caused significant changes in all sectors, including the hospitality and tourism sectors greatly affected. Seaworld is among the affected parks, and it has not opened its doors for one year. Seaworld noted that it would be opening the park for visitors after one year in its recent announcement. Since February, under strict observations, the San Diego-based park has been operating under rigorous observations following the rules and regulations laid down to prevent the spread of covid-19.

California has put revised measures of coronavirus to amusement parks, zoo including restricting the number of people entering a zoo and a park. California has joined the yellow sticker, and the state can now open 25% of its park to the public. However, everyone who would wish to visit the park must make reservations. Marylin Hannes is the President of the San Diego-based park; in a statement, Marylin mentioned that people have missed the park and mostly the ride. During the opening week, not all passages will be available during the reopening of the park. The park management has chosen few rides, among them the electric Eel and the mantra coaster. Journey to Atlantis and Shipwreck Rapids are among the rides that will open in the second phase of reopening the park. According to the President of the park Ms. Hannes, the rest of the rides will open up as soon as the weather warms up, although the park management has not announced the specific date. Seaworld has a new ride, the Emperor coaster that was being launched last year, but it was not possible due to the pandemic.

Marylin Hannes is not afraid to face the reality of reopening the park. According to Hannes, the park will slow reopen. The park will only allow 25% of its capacity to enter the park, the reason why Hannes mentioned that they would need more workers. Find out more: