The Top Founder-Friendly Investors List For 2021 Includes Nine Hauser Private Equity Fund Managers

The final list of top private equity firms is compiled with entrepreneurs in mind. The organizations have a flourishing tradition of staying involved and providing financial support, all qualities that can help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Inc Magazine went straight from asking founders about their experiences partnering up through these partnerships to compile this list. They could then survey data over what type or industry each company was operating within when partnered by one such firm before finally crowning them as “best”.

Supporting an entrepreneur’s vision and driving growth is better than any financial investment in them. According to Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc Media, it’s about building relationships by treating founders as partners. Hauser Private Equity is raising funds for its ninth fund manager, who made the top 10 list compiled by this publication, including Clearlake Capital Management Company LLC., Guardian Capital Partners LLP, New Mainstream Corporation Ltd.

They work with entrepreneurs and leaders, who build strong teams through operational expertise.” says Mark Hauser. The partnership aligns well with the fund’s focus on founder-lead businesses because they emphasize the importance of an experienced team to value creation as well as flexible solutions tailored specifically for growth”.

Hauser Private Equity fund and a direct co-investment model are run by Mark Hauser and rely on industry experts’ operational experience. This aligns better with finances focused on founder-led businesses because they emphasize the importance of expertise in creating value through operations and partnerships for long-term growth.

Hauser Private Equity is a privately-owned equity firm that has created funds to invest in growth opportunities and particular situations. Mark Hauser founded the company, and they have offices located all across North America, including Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL, among others.

According to Managing Partner Mark Hauser, these managers use their knowledge to assess how an organization operates. They look at proven leaders who can partner closely not only now but also 15 years from now”.