There Seems To Be No Limit To What Fortress Investment Group Can Do With CEO Randal Nardone As Its Leader

There are plenty of organizations competing with one another when looking at the realm of investment firms. One group that has stood out to onlookers recently is Fortress Investment Group, and its impressive and profitable rise has been led by none other than Mr. Randal Nardone. Fortress Investment Group’s current position is both a privileged one and an enviable one because no other firm has the luxury of employing Randal Nardone is one of the leadership positions; Fortress, though, gets to have him as CEO. One advantage that he is able to exert over the other leaders of financial companies is his experience and education in the field of law.

A J.D. degree was the culmination of Randal Nardone’s academic career, and he earned this upon his graduation from the University of Boston. This period of intensive education was followed up by Randal Nardone getting his feet wet in his currently professional field, that of finance. He took advantage of some great opportunities at Springleaf Holdings, and later at Blackrock Financial Management. All of this took place before 1998, the year during which the finance world saw its first glimpse of Fortress Investment Group. This private equity management firm actually has three different co-founders who all worked in unison to create the organization, and Randal Nardone is one of these individuals.

Mr. Nardone, according to the very reputable Forbes Magazine, has an amount of wealth today that is in the billions. This is not surprising, given how much the realm of financial services has been impacted by Fortress Investment Group. Clearly, Randal Nardone knows exactly what he is doing when he is tasked with growing a company by leaps and bounds. This is exactly what he has done with Fortress ever since he was finally granted the privilege of getting the CEO title a few years ago, and there is a strong likelihood that the company will experience even more rapid growth soon as a result of its recent acquisition by an organization from Japan. This group actually deals with technology but believes that acquiring Fortress will aid in its future financial plans and more