Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen makes Renewable Energy Affordable for Low-Income Homes

PosiGen is a company that provides renewable energy solutions for homes in low-income or moderate-income communities. The headquarters of the company is in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company has operations in Connecticut and New Jersey. The focus of the team at the company is to provide solar energy solutions for the benefit of homeowners of all income groups. Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen was launched soon after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The team was concerned that low-income and moderate-income residences did not have access to affordable renewable energy options. The team formulated a unique pricing plan. 


They installed solar panels in homes after making sure that renewable energy would reduce energy costs for the homeowner. They chose to be a customer-friendly company rather than a high profit-making company. They soon found interested investors and not only installed solar energy systems for homes in Louisiana but have expanded their operations to New Jersey and Connecticut (Theorg). 


Up to now, they achieved their goal to help low-income families save money and enjoy a better lifestyle through affordable energy costs. The company also provides jobs for local communities and makes homes healthy and environment-friendly. PosiGen solar helps reduce energy costs in low-income and moderate-income communities by offering a unique pricing method. Thomas Neyhart explains that at PosiGen solar power company they install two-directional net meters. If the energy generated by the solar panels does not meet the energy required by the home, the company’s grid will supply the required energy for the home. 

If the energy used by the home is less than the energy generated by the solar panels installed by the company, the excess energy will be sent to the company’s grid. The company will give the customer credits for the excess energy sent to the grid. These credits in the future will convert to free electricity from the grid if required. The customer can also use the credits to lower their electricity bill. According to Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen is a company that works to make solar energy and energy efficiency accessible to all income groups. The company’s customers have found that their energy costs have fallen dramatically after the company installed solar energy systems on their roofs and their pricing system has helped many homes in blue-collar communities become energy efficient.