You’ll Never Work Out Alone: Joining the Thriving Beachbody Community

BeachBodyBeachbody, which debuted in 1998, is one of the world’s leading fitness brands. It provides customers with a vast array of high-quality workout videos, nutritional supplements, exercise gear, and other helpful products and services. Just as important, it makes them part of a healthy global family.

This brand’s workouts are highly convenient. They don’t require expensive equipment, and you can do them wherever you are.

Naturally, some people have a hard time working out by themselves. It can be difficult to summon the motivation to exercise. That’s why this company makes sure you’ll never feel alone.

For one thing, as a Beachbody client, you get to collaborate with your own online coach. This expert will be there to answer your questions and review various aspects of your fitness regime. And this pro will cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments with you.

On top of that, this program offers group workouts on the internet. For example, there’s the hugely energizing dance class Let’s Get Up, which is led by fitness superstar Shaun T.

Plus, you might choose to participate in a group challenge. If you and your teammates reach certain fitness goals within a certain amount of time, you’d be eligible for exciting rewards.

With this program, you also gain access to nutritional supplements such as Shakeology shakes. All of the Shakeology concoctions blend maximum nutrition with irresistible taste. They reduce food cravings as well.

Carl Daikeler

How did Carl Daikeler, a 1986 Ithaca College graduate and Beachbody cofounder, create such a winning fitness system? Well, he approached it as someone who was never a fan of diet and exercise in the first place.

Since Carl began producing exercise videos in the 1990s, he’s kept in mind what he’d want from a workout program: efficacy, fun, and a sense of belonging.

Over the years, millions of people have joined Carl Daikeler’s fitness community. Many of them understand that they’re part of a larger movement. They’re all on a great fitness journey together.